I decided to treat myself to a facial—my first ever! I decided on the Pure Signature Facial with Rose, and two days later I am still telling everyone I know about what an A-Ma-Zing! experience I had. The spa is just Yummy with a capital Yum! Paula and Rose are both as lovely as can be, and the facial was everything I could have asked for. Rose was very knowledgeable and attentive to any skin sensitivities I had (and even some I was not aware of!) I am so appreciative of her time and care, I look forward to my next visit! Thank you again, Pure Eco Spa!
— Danielle Bergey
I purchased the light stim for arthritis pain in my hands and knee and I felt relief. I also got a wonderful and unexpected surprise for what this can do. I went back to my summer job at the delicatessen at my summer home. The first days are tough on my upper back. Standing, hoisting 15 pound deli meats and so on. I came home aching then placed the light stim between my shoulder blades for 30 minutes and the ache/pain was gone. Last year it took me 2 days to feel better. With the light stim the pain and ache was gone in less than 30 minutes. I highly recommend this product. Rose found a gem. She’s a gem!
— Laurie Enquist
After hearing the buzz about Micro-Needling from celebrities and reality stars and yearning for their beautiful skin, I decided to try it for myself. Although I did see results after my first treatment, I have now completed four treatments. The wrinkles on my forehead are gone, my crow’s feet and laugh lines have greatly diminished. My skin is tighter, complexion brighter and best of all, my occurrence /severity of breakouts has greatly decreased. The topical numbing allows for comfort during the procedure which gave me phenomenal, lasting results. I am now complimented on my radiant skin when wearing nothing more than a bit of moisturizer! Also, the scar running along my hairline from an accident 20+ years ago, is now, miraculously, barely even visible.
— Brenda Haagensen
It doesn’t get any better than Rose! She will take years off your face! People think I’m 15 years younger than I actually am! Not only is she extremely knowledgable about how to care for your skin in a natural and organic way, but she takes the time to customize a service for your specific needs, lifestyle and individual concerns. She really makes you feel appreciated and special each and every time you walk in. I’m so grateful to have found her and all the wonderful cruelty-free products she carries!
— Gina Morin
Rose is the absolute best! Wouldn’t go to anyone else. Super excited for her to start this next chapter at her own boutique.
— Gina Christine Arnold
Rose is THE. BEST. I’ve been going to Rose for 10 years. Her facials are unparalleled, as is her commitment to being “green.” You will not find a better esthetician this side of the Pacific Ocean! If you want great skin and you share her commitment to sustainable resources, organic products and going green, call Rose. Seriously. Thank me later.
— Sarah Capalbo Saunders