Spa Loyalty Rewards PROGRAM

Earn valuable points that can go towards any service or product!*

EARN POINTS Multiple ways!

Purchase Products or Services 
For every dollar you spend on Spa Services, Boutique Products, or Gift Cards in-store or online, you will earn 10 Points!

Create an Online Account 
Click here to create an online account with Pure Eco Spa and earn 1000 Points

Book Online and Checkout
Once you create that online account, or if you have one already, start booking your appointments online. At the end of your appointment, checkout at the Spa and earn 1000 Points

First-Time Service
Try a new service that you haven't had before and earn 1000 Points!

Refer Your Friends and Family
For every new client referral, you will earn 5000 Points!

Purchase a Series, Package or Membership and DOUBLE your point earnings
When you pay for a series or package upfront and in-full or agree to automatic payments for a membership, you will earn 2 points for every $1 spent! (eg. $750 package earns you 1500 points.)

How To Redeem Points:

1000 Points = $1.00

  • Once you have earned 50,000 points, you can redeem them for a $50 gift card.

  • Pay it forward to a friend as a lovely gift or use your points towards purchases in-store on Spa Services or Boutique Products.

  • Points add up automatically. There are no punch cards or swipe cards to keep track of!

  • You can check your points balance in your online account. 

*Please Note:

  • Points cannot be transferred.

  • Points will not be given until appointment is completed.

  • Pure Eco Spa reserves the right to change the rewards program at any time.

  • Referrals must be new to Pure Eco Spa and must book and keep at least two appointments.

Start Earning Points Today!