Best Facials

Take a look at the menu below and choose whatever you like, but please note that ALL our facials are customized (no two are alike) and if we decide that facial isn't appropriate for you, we will asses what your specific skincare needs are at the time of service and give you a facial tailored to you! 

The Pure Experience with our advanced beauty, massages, body treatments and facials includes all Spa Amenities.


For those of you with special needs for a facial, or if you just want to receive information on what they are all about, this is your time to ask me anything you want to know and also a time for me to assess your unique needs.  I will also make recommendations for a plan to meet those goals to achieve your desired results.

30 minutes / $50

Pure's Signature Facial

This is my Signature Facial. You'll receive all the love with this one. Allow me to customize your facial for what you need at that particular time. I use all organic ingredients to clean, exfoliate, deep-pore cleanse and mask along with a shoulder, neck, face, arm, hand and foot massage. Like I said, lots of love with this one!

1 hour / $125
1 hour 15 minutes / $150

Neurotris Microcurrent Facials

This facial sculpting system (also known as the “Madonna Fork Facial”) uses the most advanced microcurrent science for anti-aging. The results are immediate & cumulative! Benefits include reduced wrinkles & fine lines, facial lifting & tightening around eyes, jawline and neck. This treatment also smooths and softens skin texture, improves circulation for a brighter more youthful glow, increases collagen for firmer skin, improves conditions of rosacea & acne, and reduces pore size. This is the only treatment that can affect and tighten the muscle other than surgery (facelift).

Neurotris Microcurrent Facial:
Includes exfoliating remineralizing mask, light extractions, microcurrent and LED Light Therapy along with face, neck shoulders, arm, hand & foot massage.
1 hour 30 minutes / $250

Pure's Trifecta Facial:
(Neurotris Microcurrent, LED Light Therapy and our Super Facial) Includes Microdermabrasion with naturally occurring Oxygenation, exfoliating remineralizing mask, light extractions, microcurrent, Ultrasound infusion of special serum, LED Light Therapy along with face, neck, shoulders, arm, hand & foot massage.
2 hours 30 minutes / $325

detoxifying FACIAL

(Great for Acne-Prone Skin)

This facial concentrates on those with acne concerns. Inflammation, bacteria control, exfoliation and modulating oil production. I have a unique combination of organic products that help deal with these issues resulting in a noticeably clearer complexion. You'll get the best result when this is booked in a series of treatments along with some home care solutions to get this under control for you. If possible, please book a consultation prior to this appointment so I can address your unique needs.

1 hour 15 minutes / $135

*We highly recommended - you add LED Light Therapy (15 min, $50.00) to this facial to calm and sooth the skin. 
This non-invasive therapy works to stimulate your own collagen to eliminate fine lines, firm, and tone, increase moisture retention, decrease redness and sensitivities and destroys acne causing bacteria minimizing blemishes. What can I say, it's a powerhouse! This will enhance any of our facials and treatments. You really can't go wrong with this add-on. 

Fire & Ice Facial

This facial has all the love of my signature facial with the addition of an Organic AHA Fruit Peel and Paprika Gel Mask, (that's the Fire) for a deeper exfoliation and penetration of products. This also includes an organic exfoliating eye treatment using cooling peppermint, (that's the Ice). Your skin will be healthy and will glow after this one!

1 hour 15 minutes / $150

Gemstone Elixir

This is a luxurious, holistic experience that soothes the soul and rejuvenates the skin using 100% natural, sustainably grown botanicals, created using the best of green science, delivering nourishing Phyto-nutrients to gently detoxify and remove impurities while re-mineralizing, brightening and hydrating for softer skin that imparts a youthful, vibrant glow. A massage using both hot and cold stones on the face, neck, and shoulders to improve circulation and encourage relaxation of the mind and body along with an arm, hand, and foot massage to put you in a state of facial bliss!

1 hour 30 minutes / $195

Lightening-Brightening Facial

This is a wonderful facial that addresses the needs of uneven skin tone and blotchy pigmented skin. With the use of Cucumber, Parsley and Honey along with Ilike's famous Hungarian Paprika Gel Mask used as a catalyst to increase the effects of the brightening for skin that looks healthier and more even toned!

1 hour 15 minutes / $150


This facial has all the love from my Signature Facial (see above for details) with the introduction of the AHA peel and Grape Stem polishing scrub for a facial that addresses the needs of dry, premature and mature skin types. The combination of herbs in this facial soothes, hydrates, revitalizes dull looking skin and boosts the skin's complexion with antioxidants!

1 hour 15 minutes / $150

The Up "lifting" Facial

The "Mini Facelift Facial" is the nickname for this one. After receiving one you'll understand why! This is a results-oriented facial that utilizes a unique protein enzyme that stimulates cell metabolism to dramatically improve the skin's appearance. Dramatically lifting, tightening and visibly firming your skin while increasing clarity and tone. An extremely active facial for those of you that want to feel like you've really done something special for your skin, this is the one!

1 hour 15 minutes / $175


The Oxygen Facial is here! This is advanced skin care technology that gives you the exfoliating benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within. This is another red carpet treatment! Great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Visible results from the very first treatment! Does not include extractions. Can be purchased in a Series of 6 for more dramatic long lasting results.

45 min / $150

What is Oxygenation? 
This new, advanced skincare Geneo Super Treatment provides an exclusive combination of skin- renewing treatments that improve skin tone, even texture, and nourish the complexion—giving you a healthy glow! Your skin will feel the difference immediately. For long-term results, try a treatment series

How it Works: 
1. Exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin.  
2. Infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients.  
3. Oxygenation of the skin generated from within.

NeoRevive®—delivers superior skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. NeoBright®—provides optimal skin lightening, nourishment, and rejuvenation.

Geneo Super Facial

You'll receive all the pampering of my Signature Facial along with the addition of microdermabrasion, oxygenation and infusion with ultrasound of the Geneo Super Treatment. Another "red carpet" facial receiving immediate visible results with smoother, glowing and more youthful skin!

 1 hour 30 minutes / $225

LED Star "Light" Therapy Facial

You'll definitely leave feeling like the Super Star you are after this one. This is advanced skin care technology giving you the benefits of microdermabrasion plus facial rejuvenation with ultrasound infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within. Then we add LED Light Therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin production eliminating fine lines, wrinkles while firming and toning to restore youthful radiance.

1 hour 45 minutes / $275

What is LED Light Therapy?
Just like plants, our skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and convert it into energy. Our cells are able to absorb and use this energy to repair and regenerate collagen and elastin skin cells. This therapeutic light stimulates cellular regeneration, kills acne bacteria, reduces inflammation and speeds healing.

The immediate benefits of light therapy include...minimized appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Circulation is increased and the skin radiates a healthy glow. Cumulative results include an overall rejuvenation of the skin with increased ability to repair and rebuild healthy skin cells for youthful beautiful skin!

LED Light Therapy is a safe, noninvasive technology that functions by triggering a photo-biochemical cellular response. LED Light Therapy heals, soothes and revitalizes the skin with no down time. Excellent add on to any facial, acne treatment, micro-needling treatment or oxygen therapy. This will only amplify the results you want to receive. We use only the finest products. LightStim is an FDA-cleared device for our treatments.

*In addition to LightStim services in the Spa, it is also available as a product for at-home care. This product will help you maintain your results in between services or allows you to do the treatment completely on your own. Wrinkle wand comes with a complimentary Serum & Mask! To purchase your own LightStim wand, contact us today.

Get-The-Glow Facial

This facial includes all the love of the Signature Facial but we'll be using an additional exfoliant...a time-released professional peel, along with a plant-stem technology that helps to improve deep wrinkles and a silver ion mask which will help with inflammation and a deeper penetration of product to improve the skin by firming, restructuring and re-densifying the skin. This is an Ooh La La Facial! (Receive 5% Off InjectStem Bio-Firm serum if purchased that day.)

1 hour 15 minutes / $175

Pressed-For-Time Facial

Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, deep pore cleanse and custom mask. This is a quick "get-in-and-get-out" facial. Arm and hand massage included.

45 minutes / $110

Gentleman's Facial

This is a facial geared for the specific needs that men have. You'll receive a deep cleansing, exfoliation, customized mask and moisturizing along with a relaxing massage. This hits all the right notes and I promise not to tell the boys how much you enjoyed it!
See all Men's Services >

1 hour / $125

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