Rose Maloney,  Licensed Esthetician & Organic Skincare Specialist

Rose Maloney, Licensed Esthetician & Organic Skincare Specialist



My story is one that I'm sure some or most of you can probably relate to. Years ago I started having some issues with my health. I couldn't wear perfumes, certain foods started to give me trouble, and I was also getting random rashes along with many other symptoms of disease which later came with a hypothyroid diagnosis along with a blood disorder. The medical profession only took it so far. The pills I was given were not effective. If anything it just made matters worse. It was at that time that I started to look at alternates avenues for healing that have helped to get the much-needed relief that I am receiving now and still working on. I no longer need the thyroid medicine since I started looking towards my diet for healing and health. My education stems from my search for wellness—things that I have found to help me and many others achieve some peace, balance and wellness in their lives. 


I was extremely sensitive to products and started researching on my own. Not only was I experiencing symptoms, but started hearing my clients complain about the same things. The number of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis is where I concentrated on. There are so many in our skin care alone let alone our makeup that it's quite challenging to find products that are clean. Because of this, I started using organic products many years ago before it was popular. There are so many toxins, endocrine disruptors and harsh preservatives in a lot of product lines and If you are dealing with any autoimmune issues they are just going to make matters worse. Not only did I look at skin care, but I also looked at our food supply. There is so much controversy now with GMO's (genetically modified organisms) that we as consumers should be aware of. What you eat directly affects the skin along with your health!!! I believe that whole heartedly. We need to be aware and informed so we can make the best decisions possible for ourselves and our families. 


I have over 19 years of experience in Organic skin care as a Holistic Esthetician and Makeup Artist, but I am also a certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist. I have studied Ayurvedic Practices and Ashtanga Yoga (studied in India) along with Nancy Gilgoff, David Swenson, Christine Hoar and Luigi Gaccione (Local owner of Ashtanga Yoga RI).  I am a Raw Food and Vegan enthusiast (I have taken courses at the Tree of Life with Dr. Gabrielle Cousins in Arizona) along with workshops and apprenticeships with Alyssa Cohen and Rawberts Organic Cafe. I also am a graduate of IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). I do private consultations and workshops for people that are interested in eating a cleaner, healthier lifestyle by incorporating more whole foods into their diets. I call that my Radiant Healthy Living program.


I not only treat your skin but I look at the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. I will customize your treatments to work with whatever you are dealing with at the time, and together we'll figure out a treatment plan for you. I offer Ilike, Kypris, Farmaesthetics, Epicuren Organic Natural Facial Skin Care, Red Flower Organic Body Treatments, Nu Evolution Organic Makeup and Applications, and Organic Waxing Products. With my Boutique, I have tried to make a haven for great products made with pride and the utmost integrity. I am continually striving to get better products, services, and innovative therapies that are on a higher level of skin care. I will always look for better ways of getting the best results possible while keeping it as safe as possible for you and the ones you love!! 



Certifications & Education

State of RI and Providence
Plantations Department of Health, Board of Cosmetology and Barbering:
 License Number ESH00241 / Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH Director of Health

Health Coach Certification Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Master of Esthetics - Skin Care CertificationArthur Angelo School of Cosmetology & Hair Design, Vivian Iadevaia, Dean of Education

Sacred Stone Therapy Certification: Marma point therapy, shirodhara therapy, pulse diagnosis, nasaya therapy, karna purna therapy, abhyanga therapy, stone and crystal healing / Sacred Stone Therapy, Karyn Chabot, LMT

Aromatherapy CertificationThe Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy, Linda Patterson, Director

Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef Certification / Rawbert's Organic Garden, Rawbert Reid, Master Raw Chef

Herbal ApprenticeshipThe Herb Wyfe, Susan Clements

Level 1 Chef Certification / Living on Live Food, Alissa Cohen

Level 2 Instructor Certification / Living on Live Food, Alissa Cohen

Level 3 Teacher Certification / Living on Live Food, Alissa Cohen

Amy Coutu,  Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy Coutu, Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy Coutu

In 2005, Amy decided to make a career change and pursued her strong desire to become a massage therapist and enrolled in the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, VA. Fueled by her vision of helping herself and others live healthy lives, Amy immersed herself in the massage program. It transformed her entire life. She developed a valuable understanding and skills from her remarkable teacher and classmates. Amy loved her newfound reality and gained great fulfillment in helping others release their tensions and heal on all levels. After finishing the massage program, Amy worked in several wellness centers, alongside chiropractors, acupuncturists, and estheticians in the Northern Virginia area before moving back to her hometown in Connecticut in 2015.

Amy has now been practicing massage therapy for over 12 years. Her focus is on educating clients on self-care, overall wellness, yoga, stretching, and preventative care. Amy practices many specialized techniques, including  Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Reflexology, Acupressure Techniques, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, Hot Basalt Stone Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki Energy Work, Gua Sha Scraping and Cupping Therapy. Amy believes that massage is not just a profession, but a way of life. 

Amy also loves animals, power yoga, travel, music, painting and repurposing furniture and antiques, cooking, baking, reading and learning something new every day.